Finnish Darning – Visible Mending Style!

Finnish Darning - Visible Mending Style!

I’ve finally got this photo up of my first attempt at darning. Completely inspired by TomofHolland’s post on Finnish darning and his Visible Mending Project, I gave darning a go – and found it very satisfying!

You can see the Swedish flag tag too which made it slightly ironic. I think Swedes and Finns get on like the English and French. I wonder about the jokes; one to ask my Swedish friend.

Anyhow, more details on darning to come…

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2 Responses to Finnish Darning – Visible Mending Style!

  1. Hi Julia! It’s Kat from the Nicole Bridger talk. I just wanted to say hey!

    • Hi Kat, Great to hear from you and glad you found my blog! I’d love to be involved with mending workshops so let me know if you get something together. Cheers Julia

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