What’s so appealing about jeans?

Wondering about the long-lasting appeal of jeans, I think one of the reasons has to be the wonderfully gradual fading of denim fabric.  The way that indigo dyeing process works means that it appears that the inner threads of the yarn haven’t fully absorbed the dye.  It’s this special change of colour in the fabric, which unlike other types lovingly holds the creases unique to our bodies and which can be so satisfying.  This led me to think about how mother nature does this as the seasons change, clouds pass – or simply with the way a plant, bush or tree may grow.

Here’s a photo; can you see what I’m getting at?  No, not the person walking by nor the white line… that subtle graduation of colour.Image

On a slightly different note but still talking jeans, take a look at this Guardian article on the continuing appeal of skinny jeans; http://www.guardian.co.uk/fashion/2013/jan/09/skinny-jeans-fashion-trend-refuses-to-die?INTCMP=SRCH

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